The Corona Era, the festival that shares a new world, a new era, a new type of trip, 

huge comfort and special experience through one-person media.

The newer connection with On-tact beyond Un-tact. On-tact healing trip with 2020 IISF.

Asia's representative hub city

The Global Festival to be held in Incheon!

Date | 2020. 12. 5(Sat) - 2020. 12. 6(Sun)
Venue | Hall 4, Songdo Convensia, Incheon
Hosted by | Incheon 

Asia's representative hub city

The Global Festival to be held in Incheon!

Date | 2019. 8. 16(Fri) - 2019. 8. 17(Sat)
Venue | Hall 2, Songdo Convensia
Hosted by | Incheon 
Organized by | ITP(Incheon Techno Park), Korea-China Culture and Arts Forum, Incorporatied Association

A Variety of

Programs for

Hands-on Experience and Enjoyment!

Meet the Creator on the screen
In the experience zone,
I turn into a creator!

Real-Time Broadcasting

The Studio of creators in various fields, including Game, Kids&Education, Food&Cook, Beauty&Health

Global Studio

Global studios featuring

Chinese one-hong and overseas creators!

Sign Meeting

Meet a creator in Festival

You can take a picture and signs with Single-media Creators!

Various Experience Events

I'm also a creator

Guess who I am. Etc

Enjoy experience programs directly!

2019 IISF

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2019 IISF